Cable Mesin CO., LTD., Has been engaged in more than a century in the cable industry through its scientific and practical experience and is one of the main importers and distributors of copper and aluminum in the country.
The Cable Mesin company is located in Mohammad Shahr Karaj, and the area of one of the closest cable and wire manufacturers to Tehran is located.



The Mesin Cable relies on domestic and foreign supply of various types of wires and cables, welding cables, ARMOURED cables, copper strips, instrumentation, contient cables (NYCY), fireproof cables and low smoke, Single-stranded cables (NYY) up to 1 * 630 cross sections and sectoral cables (SECTOR) up to 3 * 300 + 150 sections with XLPE, PVC, as well as single-strand cables up to 1 x 630 cross-section and multi-strand and sector With an aluminum conductor (AAC), it has insulated XLPE, PVC and PVC coatings and self-supporting aluminum cables (ABCs) as well as insulated and insulated conductors of ACSR.

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Quality control unit

The quality control unit has the expertise and expertise experienced by the test and control of all products and adapt them to the relevant standards. These activities are carried out in several steps. Control of inputs
Product control during the process
The ultimate control of products

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چرا کابل مسین

Why is the mesin cable?

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Technical Information

Since each conductor with a given cross section can pass a limited amount of flow, it is important to determine the proper cross-section.

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